Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm baaaaack.....

So, as many of you know Mrs.Chowbella has been on hiatus since November when the hubs and I found out that we were expecting. As overjoyed as we were to know that we have our own little Chow Baby on the way, my taste buds and palate didn't seem to share the same elation. Much to my dismay I seemed to have lost my enthusiasm for food in general and have since then desperately prayed to all thing holy that it would come back to me so I could continue pursuing my long time love affair with food and be able to blog about it with you all. I am proud to say that after 4 months of  queasiness and an overall "blah" attitude about  my culinary creations, I am BAAAACK!!!!!!

Much has happened since my last post. My husband and I have relocated from the New York City metro area to the deep south- Raleigh, NC. The move brings us closer to family which we are sure will be an invaluable commodity upon the arrival of Baby Bella. We are adjusting to our new lifestyle and settling into suburbia while anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one. I am about 26 weeks pregnant and counting the minutes until our little Baby Bella can join her mama in the kitchen and share in our family's age old food traditions and overall celebration of all things delicious.
I do hope that all of you have been well and are still checking in once in a while. I will more than likely start off slowly posting a few times a week and then hopefully ramp up a bit more once I get into the flow again.

First recipe on the docket- Banana Nut Bread. It doesnt get much more basic and beloved than that!



redkathy said...

Congrats on the new bambino. Happy you have passed the yuckie stage and moving on to that banana bread, yum!

JMo said...

Thanks, redkathy! I am feeling much better and looking forward to getting back in the kitchen for something other than saltines and ginger ale! Hope you are well!