Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big News for Ms.Just Chow Bella!

I first would like to appologize for my spotty blogging lately, I realize I have not been posting with the frequency that I normally do but I think I have a good excuse... I'm PREGNANT! Thats right, Chow Babies, I have a little bun in the oven which has been wreaking havoc on my taste buds and stomach alike. I am just about 7 1/2 weeks but the little guy or girl is not yet as crazy about food and cooking as mom. The very odor of cooking food right now is almost too much for me to take, thus the lack of inspired recipes or culinary comentary.

I hope you excuse my temporary absence and if you feel like sharing any morning sickness remedies that have worked for you BRING IT ON!!!! I am also interested in hearing about some of your recipes for anything you may have enjoyed in the queesy early days of your pregnancies. I am really struggling with any kind of meat or protein though I know I need to incorporate more somehow. Mom suggested casseroles- do any of you have some good ones that you'd like to share? Your contributions will be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks so much!!!


redkathy said...

Congrats to you!!! Sorry I can't help with the morning sickness, I didn't have it thankfully. Hang in there it will pass.

Nnome said...


I have never been pregnant, nor do I ever intend to incubate, but many of my friends have sworn by fresh ginger tea. Steeping some fresh ginger in hot water and sipping it at the worst times has gotten them through this fragile period.

Feeling sick is a good sign apparently! Most unhelpful but true.

Hope the ginger tea works for you and congrats!