Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zesty Chili Queso Dip- Football Fare in a Flash!

This is one of my favorite football fixes that keeps the crowd cheering for more yet its super easy and simple to whip up. What fun is football Sunday if you have to be the host and slave over a stove all day? No fun at all. This one is ready in 5 minutes, contains only 3 ingredients and I promise you that your fellow fans will be begging you for more.
Note: 9/10 people who have eaten this proclaim that it tastes exactly like the Queso dip you get from Chili's in the little skillet. Whats not to like?!

1 can Hormel Chili with No Beans
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes w chilies (liquids drained)
1 8 oz pkg cream cheese

In a sauce pan, add chili and Rotel and heat to a simmer. Once mixture is warmed up, cut cream cheese into large chunks and add. Stir constantly until cream cheese melts and blends completely. Pour into a bowl and serve with tortilla chips.