Sunday, October 4, 2009

There's nothing crummy about Crumbs!

After a perfect low key date night with the hubs on Friday night we topped it all off by popping into one of my favorite commercial bake shops in the city- Crumbs (37 East 8th St, New York, NY). Crumbs is famous for their cupcakes offering 30+ varieties as well as additional cakes and brownies. One cupcake is easily enough for two though I dare you to go there and not eat one all by yourself. Its nearly impossible. There are dozens of flavor combinations and sure to be something that seems as if it were perfectly concocted just for you. My husband always gets the Carrot Cake Cupcake. I like to mix it up and see where the mood takes me.

This particular night I opted for the the Squiggle- at first glance it appears to be a knock off of a best traditional hostess cupcake if it were on steroids. It is triple the size and ice not with the sugary fondant-esque frosting of the hostess, but instead a deep rich chocolate ganache. Inside is a silky french vanilla butter cream surprise just waiting for you to bite deep down into it. The cake is dark chocolate and just about as moist as you could hope for.

They also have other favorites like Red Velvet, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Grasshopper and Vanilla Coconut. Rest assured that no matter what your taste is, Crumbs has ya covered.

Crumbs is a treat for all whether young or old. There is something about eating a big fat cupcake with a big fat cup of milk that just makes ya feel like a kid again. For 10 minutes you can forget about the office, forget about how many calories you are eating, forget about your troubles and just dig in! Crumbs is yet another reason why I LOVE New York.