Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey Cupcake! Put your money where your mouth is and test your DESSERT I.Q.

I came across Sporcle.com and may have just found my new guilty pleasure/biggest time waster (sorry Facebook!). Sporcle.com has thousands of different quizzes testing your knowledge of everything from Presidents of the United States to Pattrick Swayze movies. I decided to indulge you all by testing my knowledge of DESSERTS! I scored a 26/30....shocking being that I have been a sugar junkie since birth and spent many of my teen years working bakeries to boot. Give the quiz a shot and let me know how you do. Can you beat Ms. Just Chow Bella??? BRING IT ON!!!

Link to the DESSERTS quiz on Sporcle.



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Jessica said...

Hey collegegirl... sorry Im just now seeing this. I will absolutely vote for you. Thanks for checking out my page! hope to see you back again!