Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Salute to our Hero's

As I am sure we are all well aware, this coming Friday is September 11th, a day that struck unthinkable destruction and tragedy and as a result left an indelible stain on the very fabric of our great country. This infamous event holds a special place in my heart not only because it was arguably the most devastating event that had/has occurred during my lifetime, but also because that cataclysmic day was also my birthday. Nearly 8 later time has passed and wounds have scabbed- though I doubt they will ever totally heal, I feel the impact that this catastrophe made now more than ever as I am now a New Jerseyite who has worked in The City and who kisses her husband goodbye each morning as he heads in to work there too.

The very apartment I live in is a direct crow's flight to the hallowed ground where the Twin Towers once stood. My husband and I often sit outside on the seawall at the end of our block and gaze out over the twinkling lights and colossal skyscrapers of the New York City financial district skyline. Though in all of the times we sit out, legs hanging down over the concrete ledge that holds the Hudson from rushing down our humble street, never once have I been able to ignore what is so blatantly missing.

To describe the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings as a tragedy simply does not convey the immense pain, grief, and appalling loss that we as a nation were forced to experience. Too many lives were lost. Too many hearts and families broken. Words seem inadequate when trying to communicate emotions so complex and so deep.

With this entry I would like to salute the men and women who ran to our countries aide when New York City absorbed the sucker punch heard round the world. The countless brave Service Men/Women, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Medical Professionals that rose to the challenge to defend not only our city but our nation and risked it all to save the lives of their fellow man. These heroes did so bravely, proudly and with out one iota of hesitation. It is for them that for the remainder of the week I will post recipes created and published by these American heroes. Though it may not be much, this is my little way of saying, "Thank you for risking your lives to protect and save ours!" And may we NEVER FORGET!