Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kosher Comfort

New York is world renowned for it Kosher delis where over stuffed stuffed sandwiches, softball sized matzo balls and knish abound. Of all of the offerings here in the city Ben's Deli (38th St & 7th Ave) remains my favorite.

The only pitfall to NY's Kosher delis is that often times they are featured in a movie or TV show and before you know it the tourists flock there stripping the deli of the authenticity that made it famous in the first place. Ben's has managed to avoid the fanfare and adhere to its straight forward delicious roots.

My brother and I had lunch here this weekend and its always exactly what you want. Each meal starts out with a plate of coleslaw and a bowl of pickles to nosh on while you wait. The coleslaw is simple, not to mayonaisey crisp. The pickles taste fresh while not overly seasoned. Next we both enjoyed they perfect bowl of matzo ball soup. A softball sized matzo ball sits in the center of a delicate and honest chicken broth which screams homemade stock. The matzo is light and fluffy absorbing the perfect amount of broth upon digging into. Next came our corned beef on rye. The corned beef was sliced thin and piled high. A little schmear of deli mustard set the sandwich off and was everything you want your corned beef to be.

Ben's consistently provides huge sandwiches, fair prices and a nice sized hunk of Kosher Comfort that always makes you happy you came and eager to return.

Check out Ben's and enjoy a little Jewish soul food for yourself. Its good for ya!