Friday, July 24, 2009

Blockheads- UES, NYC

Location: 2nd Ave btw 81st & 82nd, New York, NY

I finally got to eat at Blockheads while visiting my girlfriend on the Upper East Side. Blockheads puts a kitchy spin on traditional Mexican food. The decor consists of black and white over sized sockpuppet wall paper. The sock puppets are the official mascots at Blockeads, each with its own quirky persona. This is by no means fine dining, but a casual place to get a quick bite and a drink. That being said, the food is tasty and most importantly priced right. There is a creative burrito selection- one highlight is the Jerk Burrito. The Jerk was a delightful surprise of flavor! You can taste the allspice which complements the spicy chicken so well.

Though the food is spot on and satisfying for the price, the real stars at Blockheads are the creative Mexican inspired cocktails. First off, the offer a $3 frozen Margarita ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Cant go wrong there! They also have an assortment of fruit flavored frozen cocktails priced right at $9 for a "Grande". While the aforementioned drinks do not disappoint, the star of the show is their "Red Nose". The Red Nose is a combination of a frozen margarita with a sangria floater topped off with a Coronita. All of these spirits come together and create a drink that is cold, refreshing and sparkly! I can't wait to go back if not only for the RED NOSE!