Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Date Night

Tonight I went on a date. In Charlotte, 500 miles from home, I was wined and dined and by the end of the evening I have to admit that I was feeling a bit 'swept off my feet'. To those of you who know me personally and know how blissfully married I am, this may seem a bit, shall I say, 'taboo'. But the date, my friends, was with myself. That's right- just me, myself, and I had a date. I am out of town for business, as per usual, only this time I made the decision to enjoy the alone time I had with someone I used to know very well instead of being sad and all consumed by how badly I miss home. Now, don't get me wrong. I DO miss home. Every time I leave- I get a pit in my stomach and count the seconds until I can be home again- with my hubs, with my pup and with my friends. But this time was different. This time I made a choice- to enjoy myself. I made a concerted effort to reconnect with the one that I have know longer and more intimately than anyone else in this whole wide world. And guess what?! The damnedest thing happened- I actually had fun!

I started off by getting out of work a little early (for me that means 6:00pm) and heading to one of my favorite North Carolina haunts, Eez Fusion. Eez is an Asian fusion restaurant that has some of the best sushi I have ever eaten in my life. Who would have thunk that Huntersville, NC would have amazingly fresh and succulent sushi? I started off with a ginger salad with cucumber slices the size of sand dollars and julienne carrots, beets and ginger on top. Eez also has 1/2 price wine night- of which I took FULL advantage. My bartender (I always eat at the bar when I'm flying solo) twisted my arm and convinced me to buy the full bottle of 2007 Campanille Pinot Grigio (don't be concerned CHOWhounds... I shared).
Campanille is born from the mineral rich soil of Fruili, Northern Italy. This refreshing white bears a strong floral aroma with a soft buttery finish. The wine was crisp and clean with the slightest hint of pear- the perfect match for mi pesce. I paired it with Tazmanian wild salmon and blue fin toro nigiri. Expecting the usual farm raised, food color enhance salmon I bit into my first piece of sushi and was awestruck when the lone bite forced me to close my eyes, sit back in my chair and let the salmon damn near melt in my mouth. The salmon tasted as if it were just swimming- silky and creamy. Unbelievably fresh and undoubtedly wild. Next up was the tuna- rosy in color and sliced on the bias, it lay on top of a sticky clump of white rice. I bit into the tuna and was immediately overwhelmed and then intrigued by the essence of both earth and salt water that flooded my taste buds. The tuna was rich and decedent and made the perfect accompaniment for my Pinot Grigio. Dinner as a whole was nothing short of indulgent- not by calories, but by taste. Overall, Eez proved to be nothing short of an excellent dining experience.

Following dinner I treated myself to a spa pedicure as well as a little waxy wax. What's pleasure without pain, right?! My tootsies tingled as my pedicurist soaked, scrubbed, shined, and shalaqued my toes until I had myself believing 'maybe I could have a career as a foot model'. ; ) I refuse to bore you with the details of my waxing as it is done out of sheer necessity and provides no pleasure WHATSOEVER! haha

I ended the night by picking up a cup of no-caff chai tea (w/ a little milk and honey). I hit the room, slipped into my pjs, and did a little blogging. Next, I will sink into my borrowed bed and wander off into a tranquil slumber.
In closing- I'm a damn good date! I immensely enjoyed myself and was proud to be out with such a ferocious fancy female. I encourage all my ladies out there to take themselves on a date. Go out- get int touch with YOU and remind yourselves what makes you so fierce. By doing so you will inadvertently remind all of the men in your lives (or those who will surely come) just what a catch they have!

Good night, God bless and CHOW!